What is it about?

The chemistry industry is a highly regulated industry segment. Our solution complies with international standards, thus providing our clients a tool that guarantees control and traceability of each produced units.
Our Solution Efiplant MES allows the executive to get real-time information of their Production Line and view it in its own management system or in a management system designed according to its specifications.

What does it work for?

These management systems are adapted to the business goals that the company is seeking, whether these improvements are in the OEE, product traceability, production line flexibility and many more.

infograma Chemestry

We have tested solutions that are designed to cover the
Chemestry needs.

1. We have developed our Efiplant MES Solution under the following premises:
  1. In the 21st century, the companies’ challenge is to respond quickly to the market changes.
  2. Continuous quality improvement.
  3. Production cost reduction.
  4. Comply with the regulations without increasing the production cost and operational complexity.
  5. Supply chain optimization
  6. Give relevant information to the executive in real time

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