Solución: Efiplant MES

What is it about?

Our Solution Efiplant MES allows the executive to get real-time information of their Production Line and view it in its own management system or in a management system designed according to its specifications.

What does it work for?

These management systems are adapted to the business goals that the company is seeking, whether these improvements are in the OEE, product traceability, production line flexibility and many more.

infograma Efiplant MES

Efiplant MES, its modules and functionalities

infograma Efiplant MES


Responsible for collecting the information from the field devices associated with the machinery that makes up the production units or production lines. This base module is a requirement for the implementation of the other functionalities. Depending on the quality and amount of the information that can be accessed, you will achieve the performance of the following modules. The main goal of this module is the real time data capture and storage and a basic display of the data collected.

  • Implementation, development, connection and access to the main PLC’s of the market.
  • Implementation, development and connection to the main real-time SCADA systems, OPC servers and M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System) platforms.
  • Drivers & equipment development for the interconnection with special industrial equipment

This module works modeling the productive activities of the company, including those that the company wants to monitor and control. As a part of their functionality, are also   include the features to make plant layouts and define the functional stages of the machines. As an example, you will get the capability to make;

  • Infrastructure.
  •  Processes and Operations.
  • Resources.

Managing the execution of planned manufacturing orders:

  • Monitoring and Production Processes control (formatting changes, cleaning, maintenance)
  • Manufacturing Order Management (manual creation, assignment, modification, supplies and rejections).
  • Real-time Production Monitoring; Updated information on machine status and production progress in a continuously available base.
  • Display production order execution time, cycle time.
  • Reports: Summary order manufacture and use of the machine, article and order.
  • Definition and configuration of the different stop types, events and alarms associated with the status of the real production.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and log of the system alarms .Stoppages management.
  • Time Controls, justification, prioritization and allocation of staff, regarding planned and unplanned shutdowns.
  • System Reports, Stops Summary reports tied to the production order and alarm types, alarms and events logs generated during a stop.
  • OEE calculation at plant level, productive unit and machine level also.
  • Calculation of the main productive time indicators and major KPIs.
  • Displaying production speed deviations against targeting and production order deviations..
  • Displaying real status of management Targets KPIs such as OEE


  • Identification of the relation employee/workplace.
  • Operator / machine assignments based on processes and operations executed.
  • Time control.
  • Performance of operations associated with the production and the resources involved in their execution.
  • Automatic & manual loading.
  • Deployment of manufacturing infrastructure orders.
  • Processes based on planning and deployment infrastructure.
  • Planning through grid display system.
  • 24 hours load vision of the machine.
  • High and low stock stores and stowage.
  • Material replenishes and returns in the production lines.
  • Loading and unloading processes and generation of delivery notes.
  • Materials and products reception.
  • Finish product monitoring and real-time  positioning management of products & materials.
  • Historical knowledge of the plants products and materials.
  • Identification and reading of elements
  • Automated printing, manual and reprint.
  • Identification of all existing element.
  • Label printing.
  • Label design formats
  • Labelling process automation.
  • Comprehensive Product management. Complete processes and parts documentation
  • Analysis of losses.
  • Real Time Process Deviations identification
  • Process Status display
  • Data preparation and SCP interface
  • Quality Log (Process parameters and parts)
  • Set-up management according to the production
  • Data transfer between the machine and the production model.
  • Data display settings through the machine control
  • Parameters management associated with the product.
  • Other parameters (MES System, ERP)

Exchange of information and notifications with other systems. The interactions are:

  • Master data reception.
  • Reception of events generated by other systems that influence the production process.
  • Notification of events associated with the production
  • Use of standard interfaces:
  • Webservices.
  • RFCs.
  • XML.
  • Connection with the main Relational Databases firms available in the market.

Data format: DOC, XLS, RFT and PDF export.

infograma Efiplant MES

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